Ruby Ridge, A story written in blood.

rubyridgehome-300x192                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                             A peaceful and quiet getaway was what Randy Weaver wanted for his family, a place to get away from the Government cover ups, and plots against citizens of the United States. The place he found was Boundary County in Northern Idaho, 20 acres atop Ruby Ridge, In 1983 they began constructing the cabin that would become the scene of the now infamous Ruby Ridge MURDERS that were carried out by the same Government that they had so hoped to escape.

It is quite unfortunate that a family trying to live the way they wanted to, would end up having to deal with the events that I will soon be writing about. This story is very emotional to me, I am a Father and a Family man, I am also strongly against the Government and corrupt bull that goes along with it. I am really not sure how my commentary will go concerning this ordeal, so here we go with the events that led up to this horrific standoff at Ruby Ridge, Idaho.

It all seemed to start with an argument over some land between Randy and a neighbor named Terry Kinnison that lead to a lawsuit that Randy won. Reportedly Kinnison then wrote letters to the FBI, the secret service and a local county sheriff with claims that Randy had threatened to kill the Pope, The President, and had made other threats towards the Government. This led to an investigation into Weaver’s actions and associates. It was brought up that Weaver and his family at times visited a nearby Aryan Nations camp, instantly marking them as Racists.

Was that a fact or was it a fact that The Nations are against the Government as was the Weavers? Does it really matter if they did share the same ideals that the Nations did concerning race? Is that grounds to raid and kill people? I would have to say HELL NO!

Frank Kumnick was known to associate with The Aryan Nations and was an associate of Randy’s that is where the connection was made. Randy denied being associated with the Nations and stated that in fact, Kumnick was associated with a Christian Identity group known as the Covenant, Sword, and Arm of the Lord. In July of 1986 Weaver met a ATF informant and had several dealings with the man over the next few years. The ATF later alleged that Weaver had sold the man two sawed off shotguns, It is stated that the ATF informant was outed to Weaver by a FBI informant.

The shotguns were later used as leverage by ATF Agent Byerly in an attempt to Get Weaver to become an informant. In 1990 official gun charges were brought against Weaver by the ATF and it was also mentioned that he was a bank robber. Weaver denied the gun charges saying that the guns were purchased at legal length and were later shortened by the informant. A federal grand jury found Weaver guilty of possessing, but not selling illegal weapons.

In my opinion this proves that charges will be trumped up when people can’t pin you on anything. It is a dangerous game played when you dive into the pool of being an outspoken anti-government proponent. Especially when you start drawing attention from people outside your normal friends and associates. People and organizations will come at you with all kinds of outlandish claims. Whether their motive is to defame your name or the name of your organization, maybe their motive is just complete jealousy because they tried this and that and it did not work for them, but did for you. I guarantee to you that people will rise against you. Keep your friends close and your enemies even closer!

In order to arrest Weaver the ATF agents posed as broken down motorists in order to get Weaver to pull over and help them, when he did, he was taken in, told of the charges against him, released on bail, and told that his trial would begin on February 19, 1991. The date was later changed, but Weaver was not notified directly, but it was sent to his court appointed attorney, whom had yet been able to make contact with Weaver. A copy was sent to his probation officer but the date on it said March 20th. Weaver did not show up to the February 20th date, so the judge issued a bench warrant for his arrest. When the courthouse was told that the copy sent to the probation officer had the incorrect date on it, the judge refused to remove the warrant, the US Marshall service however did agree to put off the warrant until March 20th to see if Weaver showed up to court. but, instead of waiting until March the U.S. attorneys office called a Grand Jury, they did not show the letter with the wrong date as evidence and the grand jury ordered a failure to appear indictment.

The role of the US Marshals would be to apprehend Weaver, Weaver just stayed at his little cabin refusing to leave the property and promising to stand up against any attempts to take him. After a year of third party negotiations Weaver still wouldn’t turn himself in. The US Attorney then ordered all negotiations to go through Weaver’s Attorney whom Randy still had no contact with. So, the Marshals began to plan Operation Northern Exposure to arrest Weaver so he would stand trial for weapons, and failure to appear charges. Surveillance teams and cameras were set up on the Weaver’s residence and they claimed they witnessed the Weavers responding to vehicles and visitors by taking up armed positions until identification of such were made.


Several accusations were made during this time including that the Weavers had shot at a helicopter that had flown over, this incident postponed the marshal’s operation for about 3 months. During this time the Weavers started thinking that the charges had been dropped. In August of 1992, 6 Marshals were sent to the property to do recon so that the best plan to raid the cabin could be made. During this time the marshals had alerted on of the Weaver’s dogs “Striker”, Samuel Weaver who was Randy’s 14 yr old son followed the dog through the woods thinking that maybe it had picked up a game trail. The marshals had retreated and then took defensive positions in the woods, Kevin Harris had been staying with the Weavers during this time and had went with Samuel, while Randy took a different path through the property.

At this point the dog approached the Marshals and was shot and killed. Samuel seeing this shot at the Marshals, the Marshals are reported to have opened fire on the 14 yr old nearly shooting one arm off, when the teen turn and ran, he was shot in the back and killed.

I don’t know about you, but I want to know why was a 14 yr old boy shot in the back when fleeing, Sure he had shot at the Marshals and they had severely wounded him. He was fleeing, I think this my have went past the line of necessary force.

What followed was a outright military offensive against the Weavers, that ended with Weaver’s wife being shot in the head while holding their baby daughter, the bullet passed through her and hit Kevin Harris in the shoulder, Randy was also wounded.

I am going to post a video of a documentary that will fill in the gaps in this post, it includes interviews with Randy, one of his daughters, and law enforcement officers involved in the siege. It has news footage from the area at the time also.

I would like to some this up by saying that Do what you feel in your heart is the right thing to do. We should not take what the government has and is dong to us, just always remember there will be people coming against you from everywhere. Friends and family will turn against you, and lies will be told on you at every turn. Do what you can to inform people of the Truth and don’t let others discourage you. When the bull starts, become more intent on doing what you do.



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